First dates can be really stressful especially when you’re the one planning it.

Article by Love Shai

First dates can be really stressful especially when you

Top 10 First Date Tips

Article by Shawn Hickman

We are all aware of the saying that first impression is the last. It fits well even in the case of dating. The way you present and carry yourself would decide if you can get the attention of the person you are dating with or not. So it’s advisable to be prepared and keep in mind few tips before going for a date. If you are a guy you have to be more attentive and responsible while dating because dating is comparably hard at guy’s side. Here I will discuss top ten dating tips for guys.

Before going out on a date make sure you have enough cash in your pockets because it’s only you who should pay for everything. Never ever mention to split the bills. If the gal asks for splitting the bill, don’t listen to her. But if she insists too much, then let her pay the amount she wishes to pay.

For first time dating, you should be careful about choosing the location. Choose some place where you two can sit, talk and spend some peaceful time together. Going out for a movie for first date is not advisable. Better to choose something romantic and sweet like ask her for dinner in some good restaurant. Always choose the place that you can afford, so tensions about paying the bill would not stuck to your mind. Never ask for lunch dates. First date should be at night. If you are having dinner together, it should be you who serve food in her plates and pour wine in her glass. Remember, girls always notice small efforts and appreciate them.

During dating, make sure that your mannerism is proper and acceptable. Keep small points in your mind like opening car door for date and let her in and out first. If you are going to sit somewhere out, hold her chair and help her sit. Serve food on her plates and pour wine in her glass. Don’t use foul language while talking about something. Last but not the least; you should go for dating at the time decided. Don’t be late.

Your body and tongue should show that you are a confident man. Girls don’t like weak guys. Whatever you guys talk about should show your confidence

Wear something appropriate for a date. You should be well groomed. You don’t have to look like a rock star. Instead, you have to look like a gentleman

Make sure that the topic you guys are going to talk about is good. Some people end up during first date because they talk about their ex’s and reasons why did they break up with them. Avoid talking about your past relationships.

Show respect towards your date. Make her feel special. Give her little compliments to keep her interested.

It’s better if you get a gift. Not an expensive one, just a normal one, like rose, token of love and affection. Remember, girls like gifts.

Don’t date for long time. Leave something interesting for next time. The time you two feel that it’s getting boring, you guys should head home.

At last, be honest. If you enjoyed dating, don’t wait long just call her and tell. If you didn’t enjoy, do the same. This would prevent you from bad ending in relationships.

To date the kind of person you like you can take help of online dating sites. These online dating sites are really useful and are user friendly. Millions of single men and single women are connected through these online dating sites. A local dating site connects single men and single women of specific region or area. If you are a single men / single women searching for a right partner in or near to your area, these local dating sites could really be very helpful. If you want to get dating advice, you can take help of internet search engines or some certain sites. Dating advice is important to take before going for a date for the first time. Following dating advice properly would help you to get attention of your dating mate positively.

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